It was clear from the first briefing that Slim Gin & Tonic understood the emotion we were trying to achieve in the BCSC Smart Investor campaign. It was also very clear to us, almost immediately, that Slim Gin & Tonic could elevate this campaign far above our expectations. They did.


Not only have you produced great videos for us, but you have helped us move towards a true leadership role in our educational community. Guiding us to rebrand our image last year, and with that rebranding, gaving us reflection time to fully appreciate and understand how much we truly are leaders in our field.


Bill Downie

Slingshot Vancouver

Creative Director/Partner

Maureen Steltman

Head of School

Fraser Academy

Robin Spisak

Marketing and Communications Strategist

United Way of the Lower Mainland

Over the past several years, United Way of the Lower Mainland has worked with Slim Gin and Tonic to produce and direct our annual campaign and workplace story videos. These videos are used to inspire people to donate to our cause. The videos are always an absolute smash, resulting in laughter, tears and donations.


Slim Gin and Tonic Films Inc. can create and deliver any of the quality digital video assets that you require. 




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